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  Love me - so unusual Stokes ice It boils in me , she sings in me I want you to myself I dissolve I can not stop it   Chorus. If you want to have sex - Of course, the peppers out of the competition ! Сладенькие девочки и крутые перцы, Позабудьте про бриллианты, Кольца, шубы, мерсы. studio light lens tension ropes stand ready to work is twelve frames emotions : tears and laughter sailing frigates girls will succeed is twelve frames there will be only one jury decides without cronyism Spring flowers in the shower is twelve frames Читать текст → Непроверен error-100 Читать текст → Непроверен https://vk.com/hjordisbrittastrom Читать текст → Альбина: Эй ёу мы катимся Катя, куда. Piano keys gently push Music pouring my love Listening to this song , the rain pounded on the roofs And blooming spring flowers Chorus: I keep each petal showers And leave in memory If you do not love me Then , please do not carried away memories Evening expectations evening of farewells I want to be with you always This rustling leaves , the smell of fresh cherries As in a dream , left me Chorus. Ведь любовь она бывает В жизни только раз (два-три-пять) Это песня для крутых и для ширких масс. Piano keys gently push Believe in what you see me comin ' Listening to this song , you come again I left the dream summer rain Chorus. I know you for you, I like a panacea Fulfill your fantasies without timidity  I Alkaline Battery Winning the lottery   pierce me enjoy the moment I'm not afraid of experiments   Chorus: You do not blame me , it's all chemistry It remains for us to obey All this hmimiya Love , love me Now you can not stop   Chemistry.   No choice , have to forget all the things You're all on fire , I know that my took  Come at once - that's an order  I expose their secrets on display   pierce me enjoy the moment I'm not afraid of experiments   Chorus.

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There is no happiness on earth , And love , too, is not.

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